Sunday, November 7, 2010

Yay Swoozies!

Swoozies is my all time favorite store, so glad it is back after being closed for a little while! They have the most adorable things for Christmas right now and i just bought a few things! I thought i would share so you can see just how have to check it all out for yourself at Swoozies!

                                                         deer dessert plates with little bows :)

                                                             Candy Cane Dessert Platter

                                                    Christmas Tree & Ornament Linen Towels

And they have so much more...i'm sure i'll be back! :)


  1. Very cute choices--I'm a Swoozie's fan, too.

  2. I love Swoozies. One closed awhile ago in Charlotte and they had great discounts!! Hope they open back up soon too :)

  3. Love Swoozies!!! We had one here in Chicago for a short time. Hopefully it will reopen because I absolutely loved going shopping in there.

  4. So glad to know it's back up! I am a huge fan too but sadly don't have one in my town! Mudpie makes the most adorable things for the holidays and for gifts...

    Here's the site, if you like Swoozie's I'm pretty sure you'll like this too!

  5. Thanks! You can also order anything from Swoozies online! :)