Wednesday, February 27, 2013

More Baby News!

I have exciting news to share! On Valentines Day we found out that our sweet baby is a GIRL! Yay! I am so excited! I feel like all i know is girls since i grew up in a family of all girls and everyone in our family has girls! I feel like i will know a little more, but i would have been very happy with a boy too! I'm just happy to be pregnant!

I am 19 weeks now and still having some nausea. I had it really bad the first four months! With that being said i have many food aversions and so far i eat pretty much whatever sounds good just to be getting enough calories in! I really want to be healthier. Is there anything any of yall did to get some healthiness into your diet during pregnancy when you didn't feel very good?

Hope yall are having a good week! I am currently focusing on lots of fun things with the nursery-mostly planning still! I have also been making lots of hair bows and shopping! :)

Happy Wednesday! :)

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


Hey yall!!!

It has been quite a while since i last posted because i have been very busy with some other important things!
I mentioned a while back about my struggle with fertility. We tried for over two years and decided to try and get some better help this year! I went through months of different fertility treatments and ended up doing In Vitro! I was pretty scared about doing this process, but with lots of love from family and friends i made it through. It seems like a miracle to me because i hate shots and getting my blood drawn so much! For two months i gave myself 3 shots a day and had my blood drawn almost every other day. The thought of being able to get pregnant because of all that made the days go by quickly! My husband was by my side every day and it started to actually feel like a special time when i had to do the shots. Everyday was one day closer to finding out if IVF would work for me. I ended up getting pretty sick from the egg retrieval so we decided to transfer only one embryo compared to the two that was reccomended. This made me nervous because i knew that it could lessen my chance of success.

However on November 22nd we got the call that I was PREGNANT. Today i am 17 months pregnant and everything has been going so smoothly (well minus the four months of morning sickness i have had, but its worth it!). I can not even express how blessed i feel every day and it still is hard to believe its even for real some times! I pray every day for the health of this sweet baby and can not wait til i get to meet him/ her!
This Thursday i have an ultrasound which we may be able to find out the sex! It is very exciting because not only is it Valentines Day, but it is our 4th wedding anniversary! I'm hoping it will be a very exciting day!
Please keep us in your prayers that everything will continue to go so well with this pregnancy!

Thank yall so much, Happy Tuesday!