Monday, June 6, 2011

LOTS to do!

With our upcoming move back to Greenville, SC there is lots to do! I just found out we have 60 days! That's not very much time! We have to find a house too! Ah! It's going to be a hectic 2 months, but all worth the move :) I am trying to get our house ready now to sell as fast as i can! If any one has tips on getting your house ready to sell i'd love them! I know i've heard you need to de-personalize but that's all i know!

Have a great Monday! :)


  1. That's funny - I have a friend moving from Greenville to Raleigh and they are trying to sell their home. Shoot me an email ( and I can give you their address if you may be interested!

  2. Clear off all the counters and put away the clutter.

    Good luck! I hope your home sells quickly. Such an exciting time! :)