Thursday, July 26, 2012

Finally its here!

Hey Y’all! Happy Thurday!

I have been SO excited this week! Finally we leave for our beach trip Saturday! I have been looking forward to it ALL summer! We have made a few quick trips to the beach, but this is the one I have been really excited about since all my family will be there too! Lots to pack and get ready so I think Saturday is going to come quickly trying to get so much done!

I don’t even know what happened to July, we have been so busy! So many weekend trips, showers and parties! It has been really good for me to stay so busy because I have also been having a lot of stressful days! I shared about a year ago about my fertility struggles and it has been about two years and half years that we have been trying now to have a baby. We did take a little time to De-STRESS after going through many unsuccessful months of fertility treatments. We are now back at it and have come to the decision of IUI vs. IVF. We decided we are going to move forward with IUI for a few months even though the success rates are not very high, but it is A LOT cheaper than IVF so we feel like it is worth a try! I have gone through a month of many tests and feel so ready to get things started. I also am starting to feel very excited at the hope of getting pregnant! This has been such a long road already and I am so blessed to have such a good husband who is always there for me with all my up’s and down’s! My faith has also been the main thing that get’s me through each day! I am so glad that I know God understands exactly what I am feeling! J I don’t know anyone that has had success with IUI so I would love to hear a success story if anyone knows of one! :)

I hope everyone has a wonderful next week, I am really excited to finally be relaxing! :)

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