Monday, April 28, 2014


We've been Busy Busy Busy this month! It has all been so great though! A little catch up-We started the month with my sweet girl turning 1! I can't believe it! The next weekend i threw a baby shower for my older sister and a bridal shower for my younger sister. They were close together, but i think it all turned out well! Once i get a chance to go through all the shower pictures i will share :) April 18th was my birthday and we had a great time celebrating with my husband off work and shopping at the outlets! We celebrated our first Easter! This past weekend we did the March for Babies in Greenville which was so much fun & so cool to see all the people walking to support such a great cause! After the walk we headed for a quick trip to the beach, which was so prefect! I didnt want to leave! It was Savannah's first time and all things considered i think it went really well! It was such perfect weather and so relaxing! Its been a great month! Now on to the next busy week...My sister gets married this weekend so we are headed to Charlotte this week. I can't wait for all the festivities! Its Savannah's first wedding and other than the little beach trip we did this past weekend it is one of her first trips. Since we have had to keep her so isolated i havent gotten to introduce her to many people including most of my family. It has been so hard, but it has been worth the wait because we made through her first year without any sickness or trips to hospital, which is SUCH a blessing!!!(of course other than the first 5 months of her life in the NICU, but im counting since we got home!)

Here are some pictures of our April, i hope yall had a great one too!

Savannah turns ONE-

(Our party is next month, so we celebrated with just the 3 of us :) Here is where she's at...remember she was born at 23 weeks so it takes a little time to catch up :) She is exactly where she's supposed to be!


 -Stats-                                  -Favorites-
`14 lbs 0 oz.                 `stroller
`26 inches                   `bath
                                      `Sophie the giraffe
                                      `big bows
   -Development-                      -Fav Foods-
`Has 1 tooth                       `greenbeans
`Says Mamamama &        `peas
Dadadada                                       `prunes
`On all fours
`Loves to stand with help

Here is a few pics to show how far she's come in a year...

                                                        not sure about that icecream :)

Easter 2014

haha not diggin the ears :)

First beach trip

 Okay that was lots of pics at once, sorry :) I love this sweet girl & am so proud of her what can i say? 

I'll share my shower & wedding pics once i get back from the wedding weekend! 

Happy Monday!

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