Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Wreaths

I always love to look around for inspiration when it comes to Christmas wreaths! They are one of my favorite things for the holidays! I love to have a few, so the more idea's the merrier! I have a really good time making bows out of different ribbons to put on lots of things! I am always changing my colors and the things i want on my wreaths it seems! It is so fun to get creative though! 
I found lots of inspiration in my most recent Southern Living Magazine and thought i would share! They have so many unique idea's!

What do you like to do to your wreaths?


  1. The first wreath is definitely my favorite!! Love it! I like the magnolia one too!

    We have one that we use every year...just the traditional one that has a red bow and little holly berries and twigs :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. They are all so beautiful. Costco has the most amazing smelling fresh ones right now too.

  3. I don't like the one I bought from the boy scout who came to my door. Perhaps I will take the bow off and try to create something myself. I'm kinda digging the third one since my wreath is evergreen.

    The magnolia wreath is just beautiful, but would never last here in the frozen tundra!

    Thanks for the inspiration.

    Have a great weekend.

  4. I adore wreaths during the holiday season. They really complete Christmas. All of these wreaths are gorgeous. Do you know why wreaths are put on every window sometimes? I noticed it one of your pictures. I am from Michigan and nobody does that there we always only put out one. I recently moved to PA and noticed people have wreaths on every single window. I just thought it was weird.


  5. Love these! The first one with the hydrangeas is beautiful, but I'm a sucker for the magnolia leaves! I'm a new follower! Your blog is precious! =) Hop over and follw me! We're fellow southerners! Roll tide here! =)

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  7. That 2nd picture is gorgeous! I love white cape cods!