Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Yes Please!

I found a new favorite snack today! It is Raspberry Cheesecake Temptations! Only 150 calories and they taste delicious!

You can find them in the Jello aisle!!! You have to try these! There are lots more flavors too and some of them are only 100 calories! Yay for Low-Cal sweets!

Here are some of the other flavors...

I am excited to try them all!


  1. Great. I'm always looking for a low-cal snack. I was curious about these, too!

    Thanks for your insight.

    I will have to give them a try! :)

  2. Those look great! I hope I can find them in VA. What Cool Gal said, I'm always looking for low cal snacks too! Have you tried the jello mousse yet? I can't find them by me, but I always see commercials.

    Btw, head over to my blog and check out my giveaway this week!

  3. The mousses are really good too! They are only like 60 calories i think!

  4. These look really yummy! Thanks for sharing.

  5. Oh gosh, these are delish! I blogged about the strawberry cheesecake ones before...so good!